Myths regarding the condition
When we see a little fluffy white bunny with pink eyes we all go AAAhhh. Right, yes they are so cute.

Most people with albinism do NOT have pink eyes, they usually have pale blue eyesor light grey eyes that appear pink under certain light conditions.

NOT all people with this condition have white hair, some have yellow or even red and some who have Ocular Albinism can have dark hair and the missing pigment is only in their eyes.

They are not results of Inbreeding, usually the condition is caused by the parents both carrying a recessive gene and parents are usually of normal colouring, ie I have very dark hair and his birth father has blonde hair.

Bad eyesight cannot be cured with laser treatment. They are visually impaired some being registered blind as Shanley is. The worst his eyesight will be is on the day he was born.

All species of animal, plant and race of human can produce albinism.

They are not freaks of nature they are normal people living normal lives to the best of their ability.

Shanley has even been told that All people with Albinism are weak, where they got that one from baffles me.

They are not mentally retarded all that is wrong is the missing melanin from hair, skin and eyes.

We think our plight and fight for Albino's here in England is bad, please spare a thought for people with Albinism in Uganda. I have a friend in Uganda called Roland who offers a safe haven for people with Albinism but wants to do so much more but needs help.

People with Albinism who live in Uganda are hunted down and killed for their private parts. Witch Doctors are behind this callous treatment and murder of so many innocent people who's only problem is living with a medical condition. So please spare a thought for Ronald and all the work he does.