A page dedicated to Shanley to show you just what he can achieve even though he's registered blind and has albinism

Shanley getting ready to machine a brass pulley on a lathe supervised by daddy.

Daddy showing Shanley the lathe parts and accessories.

Shanley getting a closer look at the tools he will be using.

Shanley starting to machine his brass pulley under the watchful eye of daddy.

Daddy watching and advising

Shanley really getting to grips with the lathe.

Shanley sawing off some brass

Shanley with the finished brass pulley.

We are very proud of Shanley and what he has achieved, because not only does he have albinism and is registered blind but he also has learning difficulties and physical disabilities. He attended a very good Special Needs school in Bolton and they in September 2009 moved up into a mainstream high school. The school has a special needs unit, Shanley has 25 hours per week support and uses a white symbol cane to get about, but after doing his initial tests he was moved up into the 'top set' for science, a mainstream top set.

He is loving high school and gets involved in everything the other kids do, he has discovered a love of basket ball even though he can't catch a ball he is able to join in and enjoy it.

Shanley is an inspiration.