Welcome to my blog page.

The use of this Blog Page is to vent my steam.

Why is it that the Media portray Albinism with such negativity?

The Simpsons often take the **** out of people with Albinism and I scream at the television with passion and fury "Leave them alone imbiciles".

It is just ignorance, we as mothers, fathers, grandparents, aunts, uncles etc etc need to become Albinism Advocates and spread the word, Albinism is not a term for 'freaks'.  I feel realy passionately about this issue.

Coronation Street, Eastenders, Emerdale, Hollyoaks etc one of them just one of them should have a person with Albinism on portrayed as a 'Good guy' for a change.  They have gays on, and people from ethnic backgrounds and even people in wheelchairs.  Come on Media pull your finger out and help us out.

Joe Bloggs on the street does not know about the condition so instead of asking about it they feel they have to make fun of it, Grow Up.

This is why my children have nicknamed me "Ninja Mother from Hell"

Found a very exciting website and radio station for blind and partially sighted people its www.insightradio.co.uk and its also on sky channel 0188.  Michael Hughes who is currently in the Big Brother house works for them.  Its well worth a listen.

As a mother of a child with Albinism and having diabetic retinopathy myself I find this radio station very useful and very entertaining.