Albinism is a genetic condition. Albino's have a lack of melanin (pigmentation) in their hair, skin and eyes. Detailed vision is lost, there is no blurring and no movement in the vision although suffers usually have a nystagmus (flicker or wobble of the eye ball). Albinos need to wear glasses with UV filters to protect their lenses and retinas from damage caused from UV light.

It is not just sunlight that affects their vision. Supermarkets, hospitals and shopping precincts with their bright flourescent lights and shiny tiled floors are also a big hurdle to the Albinos sight and make shopping very hazardous.

1 in 20,000 babies born in the US are born with the condition and 1 in 17,000 in the UK. It occurs in all races of humans, all plant and animal life. It is caused by a recessive gene carried by both parents. Parents are of normal colouring.

Albino's need regular routine eye checks to ensure glasses are kept up to date. Usually checks are carried out every 6 months.

They have a higher risk of skin cancer as they get older so a high factor sun cream is essential as are hats and long sleeve tops and UV lenses in their glasses.

In the US certain states have been allowed to train people with albinism to drive with a special course and special Bioptic Glasses, these are not currently available in the United Kingdom, but I would imagine they will soon make their way over here like everything else.

People with Albinism lead normal healthy lives and as long as they do all the above lead happy lives. Many become IT consultants, pastors, doctors, teachers etc. Do not wrap your child with Albinism up in cotton wool, let them explore, take them out and integrate them. My two son with Albinism, Shanley has tried Karate and did quite well, better than his brother who has perfect vision.

Another usefull website to look up is the Albinism Fellowship on or NOAH on Videos can be obtained from this sight if you subscribe to it, they also hold annual meetings at a cost.

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